Welcome to Hakuakai Philippines. Affiliated with Japan Karate-Do (JKH) and Advancement for the Strengthening of Karatedo Athlete (ASKA).
Where fun and enjoyment is a part of learning martial arts. Join our training and be part of Karate Competitions, National and International Karate Tournaments, and other Karate training and camps.
Karate-Do is for you. Where we build characters of self-discipline, patience, and respect. We exist to train the art of Karate-Do, to keep the body and mind strong, for self-defense, and to be able to protect others as well.
At Hakuakai... we are one...
We Get Better As We Train Harder
We Maintain Composure In The Midst Of Any Battle
Karatedo Is More Than Winning A Fight...

What We Do

We take discipline seriously and we are passionate to train self-defense to students...

About Us

Karate Do Hakua-kai Founder of Hakua-Kai   The late Chief Master Instructor Katsushi Iwabuchi The Founder of…

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Welcome to our gallery of images with interesting photos, candid ones, snappies, and stolen shots.   Click…

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Our Instructors

Be sure that we know to do a lot.

Bernard Alvarina
President & Chief Instructor
Philippines Hakua-kai
Founder ASKA
Jeffrey Lagasca
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